Fabian Meumertzheim (né Henneke) is a Senior Software Engineer at Code Intelligence. A mathematician by education, he has always been passionate about IT security. He maintains and contributed to multiple open-source projects, such as Chromium, systemd, and Android Password Store, all with the aim of making security unobtrusive and ubiquitous.

Articles by Author

Fuzzing Embedded Software

CI News: Fuzz Testing Embedded Applications with Dependencies

Modern vehicles do not just consist of one centralized computer but of many interconnected systems that communicate with each other. The surge of these interconnected systems led to the rapid adoption of modern fuzz testing approaches by OEMs and car manufacturers.

Fabian Meumertzheim is a Senior Software Engineer at Code Intelligence and one of the leading...

Jazzer is a coverage-guided fuzzer for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It works on the bytecode...

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